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Pennsylvania man faces drunk driving charges

A man from Greencastle is facing serious charges following an alleged hit-and-run crash on the evening of Sept. 28, according to local sources. Pennsylvania police arrested the man on suspicion of drunk driving after he allegedly struck another vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. He was set to appear for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 9 at 8:15 a.m., and at last report was being held against $35,000 bail in a county prison.

Pennsylvania man faces drunk driving charges

A man believed to be intoxicated behind the wheel has been taken into custody following a serious crash that sent another driver to the hospital with critical injuries. The Pennsylvania man was apprehended following the Sept. 15 crash and now faces drunk driving charges in addition to several related charges. He is currently being held at a county prison against $100,000 bail. 

Did a stop at a DUI checkpoint result in a drunk driving charge?

Law enforcement departments all over the state of Pennsylvania conduct DUI checkpoints randomly throughout the year. They are required by law to tell residents when these checkpoints will be taking place, but they are not required to say the exact locations where they will set up shop. If you stand accused of drunk driving after being stopped at one of these checkpoints, legal counsel may be able to help you fight it.

Police say drunk driving led to unborn baby's death last year

Pennsylvania State Police troopers end up investigating all kinds of accidents. One of the first considerations of many law enforcement officers, including troopers, is whether one of the drivers involved was impaired at the time. Confirming that suspicion requires a significant amount of time, so charges may not come for weeks or months after the incident occurs, but that does not mean that someone suspected of drunk driving involving an accident should wait for an arrest warrant to begin planning a defense.

Excessively high BAC levels lead to serious drunk driving charges

A man driving through Lower Saucon Township is facing serious criminal charges after a recent DUI arrest. According to Pennsylvania law enforcement, the driver had an excessively high blood alcohol content of .25 percent at the time of his arrest. This is more than three times the legal limit, and he was stopped by law enforcement for suspected drunk driving after allegedly running a red light.

Pennsylvania man charged with drunk driving

A 28-year-old man is facing serious charges after he allegedly crashed his car into a home in Manchester Township, according to local sources. The man has been accused of drunk driving and evading police. If he is found guilty, he could face serious jail time. He posted $2,500 bail and is due back in a Pennsylvania criminal court for a preliminary hearing on July 18.

Football player charged with drunk driving

A freshman from a neighboring state has been charged with driving under the influence while visiting Neshannock Township, according to local sources. Pennsylvania authorities arrested the 18-year-old man under suspicion of drunk driving. If he is found guilty, the young football player could see his position on his team, as well as his enrollment in his university, both placed at risk.

Trial proceeds against police officer accused of drunk driving

A police officer in Erie who was suspended after a suspected DUI incident is facing the end of her trial, according to local sources. Pennsylvania State Police responded the the crash, which killed a 57-year-old man in February, and they believe the the 47-year-old officer was at fault. She stands accused of drunk driving, and closing arguments in her case were set to begin the morning of June 18. 

Bus driver in Pennsylvania faces drunk driving charges

A bus driver in Smithfield Township is in custody after her arrest for allegedly picking up school children while intoxicated. Pennsylvania State Police apprehended the woman after witnesses called authorities when she was seen behaving erratically. She was arrested and processed, but has since been released on bail. She faces one count of drunk driving, as well as dozens of other charges pertaining to reckless endangerment. 

Pennsylvania police officer faces drunk driving charges

A police officer in Erie could see her career in jeopardy after she was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. The 47-year-old Pennsylvania police officer is scheduled to appear in court in June for her alleged role in a fatal car accident back in Feb. 2017. The officer initially pleaded guilty to the charge of drunk driving, but recanted her plea earlier this year. She has retained legal representation for her second run at the charges. 

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