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Protecting Your Property: What You Need To Know

Property can be “personal” (your iPhone), “real” (house and land), or “intellectual” (copyrights, trademarks, and patents). No matter the type of property, if somebody takes, keeps, and/or destroys what you own, without your permission, then you probably have a property case.

Many civil property issues deal with either real or intellectual property. Maybe somebody is on your land without permission or maybe you’ve been accused of trespassing. Maybe the government wants your land for some public purpose. You may even have a person not on your land, but nevertheless interfering with the use of your property. Sometimes, one business will use the ideas of another, without permission. You may just want to make sure your property ends up in the right hands. The point is, there are many property-related issues.

The most common property issues include:

  1. Adverse Possession/Easements
  2. Trespass/Ejectment
  3. Transferring real property by Deed
  4. Eminent Domain (government takings)
  5. Nuisance
  6. Replevin/Conversion

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