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Police say former D.A. suppressed drug charges, got sexual favors

Pennsylvania has always had a fair share of public officials who have been arrested and convicted of crimes. The list includes former attorneys general, legislators and police officers. Reports of a high-ranking state law enforcement officer being caught up in allegations of criminality are always shocking and difficult to understand. The latest official to be accused of serious criminality, including the suppression of drug charges and obtaining sexual favors,  is the District Attorney of Bedford County, William Higgins.

Traffic violation leads to drug charges

Federal and state drug charges in Pennsylvania carry potentially stiff penalties, often including prison time. The severity of the penalty is dependent on the type and amount of drug involved. A conviction for selling or distributing the drugs will also result in more severe penalties. One man is now facing multiple drug charges after a traffic stop in Mt. Pleasant.

Man with domestic relations warrant faces drug charges

A man in Pennsylvania was recently taken into custody for drug-related offenses. However, the police search that led to his drug charges initially had nothing to do with drugs. Instead, the man had an active domestic relations warrant for not making child support payments.

Police officer faces drug charges after alleged conspiracy

A policeman in Pennsylvania was recently taken into custody for selling drugs. According to police, the man facing drug charges sold both heroin and cocaine. In addition, he reportedly conspired with authorities in another state to sell drugs.

Man faces drug charges; accused of fleeing from police

Police reported that a man in Pennsylvania delivered cocaine and heroin to undercover drug agents in 2016 and recently tried to flee from agents in the process of arresting him. The man also reportedly attempted to dispose of a large amount of cocaine during his recent encounter with police. He now faces drug charges and is detained on bonds totaling $300,000.

NFL player faces drug charges

A professional football player was recently accused of possessing drugs in Pennsylvania. The NFL wide receiver now faces drug charges in connection with a motor vehicle collision that occurred a few months ago. Tyler Boyd, who plays for the Bengals, will have a court appearance in mid-November.

Defenses for marijuana possession

Every year, thousands of Pennsylvanians - younger people for the most part -- are charged with possession of marijuana. Many of these young people are under the impression that drug laws have been relaxed, and they can smoke a joint in public without getting into too much trouble.

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