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Superior Court of Pennsylvania Affirms Conviction of Husband for Criminal Trespass, Where Wife was only Party on Lease and Wife Excluded Husband from the Residence

On February 9, 2016, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania handed down Com. v. Benito, 2016 Pa. Super. 30.Brent Benito ("Husband") and L.C. ("Wife") were married in Trinidad in 2011. Wife subsequently rented an apartment in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, while Husband remained in Trinidad. Husband moved into Wife's apartment in September, 2013. The relationship quickly deteriorated and Husband became physically abusive. In December, 2013, while Husband was in Connecticut visiting a friend, Wife told Husband not to return to the marital residence. Wife also changed the locks. 

From Washington: Tighter Regulations on Gun Dealers

At Skala | Miller, we are constantly updating our understanding of firearms law, on the state and national levels. As anyone can see, the laws with respect to firearms are only getting tougher, in every possible way. If you're a person wishing to start a gun dealing business (to sell or transfer guns), an existing gun dealer unsure about all the laws you need to follow, or a private citizen wishing to transfer or simply keep and bear the arms you own, give us a call today. 

Can I Afford a Lawyer?

Does anyone remember the H&R Block commercial where the husband claims to be a "tax master"? If you do, you'll also remember the H&R Block spokesman destroying the husband's laptop with a katana before informing the husband that the husband is, in fact, "not a tax master." That's very much the feeling of many lawyers when they see a person represent themselves (or what we call "pro se," which is shorthand latin for "on one's own behalf"). The husband was noticeably distraught at the destruction of his laptop. But, the point of that commercial and one that applies here is that as a pro se litigant your chances of making a mistake harmful to your case increase dramatically. Unfortunately, the look on the husband's face after the destruction of his laptop may be but a fraction of the agony felt by those without a lawyer. In certain types of cases, that agony can go on for a very, very long time.

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