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What’s the best living arrangement for children of divorced parents?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Child Custody

When children have to go through divorce with their parents, they will usually end up in new living arrangements. The right living arrangements for a child may depend on how old they are and their relationship with each parent, among other factors.

Since there is no single arrangement that is the best for all children, it’s important for parents to put their children first and to come up with arrangements that suit them based on their maturity and other details of the case.

Choosing the best living arrangement for children during a divorce

Choosing the right living arrangement for a child means selecting one that:

  • Provides stability and routine to a child going through changes in the family unit
  • Is easy for the child to remember and adhere to
  • Provides regularity, so the schedule doesn’t change often

Children need to have stability. A few examples of custody schedules that might work for you include:

  • Splitting time between homes equally to see each parent around 50% of the time. This works well when you live close together or need to switch custody times due to work obligations
  • Living with one parent during the school year and another during the summer and school vacations
  • Switching custody every third day

These and other schedules can be great for kids, because they are stable schedules that are predictable for them. They know when they will see their parents and where they will be.

Keep in mind some other ways to keep your child comfortable after a divorce too, such as keeping them in the same school district, helping them see the same friends or retaining the family home as their home at least some of the time. Not all of these things are always possible for parents, but if you can do your best to maintain stability, your child may have an easier time as you go through the divorce.

Put your children first as you go through a divorce

Children will adapt to the changes your family is going through, but keeping in mind the best arrangements for them and what’s in their best interests can help.