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Legal help may be more affordable than you think

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you find yourself in a position where you need the assistance of a Pennsylvania attorney, you may be unsure of how you can ever afford it. You assume that the cost of hiring the services of a legal professional will be expensive, and this could keep you from seeking the help you need. In reality, it could be more affordable to hire a lawyer than you assume. 

Attorneys typically charge by the hour, but how the charges add up will depend on the nature of the legal counsel the specific lawyer provides. If you are seeking legal help, it may be smart to start by learning about the potential fees associated with your case. It may surprise you to learn that getting the help you need and deserve could be reasonably within your reach. 

Examples of fees 

How much you may pay for an attorney depends on the type of legal counsel you need and other factors unique to your situation. Some attorneys advertise their fees, while you may need to talk to others to find out exactly what they charge. You have the right to know what you should expect to pay, or at least an estimate, up front. Different types of attorney fees include: 

  • Hourly rates – Some attorneys charge for their services by the hour. This is probably the most common way attorneys charge their clients.  
  • Flat or fixed rates – In some cases, attorneys may charge a flat or fixed rate for their services, especially if what they are doing for the client is not complicated.  
  • Contingency fees – The attorney only charges these fees to the client if he or she achieves a successful outcome.  
  • Percentage fees – Some attorneys will charge clients a percentage of their winnings if they reach a successful verdict or settlement. 

Depending on the nature of your case, you may not have to pay any attorney fees out of pocket. It is in your interests to have this discussion with your lawyer before you sign an agreement. 

What’s best for you? 

The ultimate goal is to reach a successful outcome for whatever legal complications you are currently facing. This likely means you will need the assistance of an attorney. Instead of assuming you will not be able to afford the help you need, it will be beneficial to first discuss your case and the payment structure with the potential attorney first.