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Handling a child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2020 | Child Custody

Disagreements over child custody come up during a divorce for a lot of reasons. Sometimes, they are simply a result of bitterness and hard feelings, and one person wants to prevent their former spouse from having a healthy relationship with the children. In other cases, a spouse is truly concerned for their child’s well-being, and at Skala Miller, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, we realize how difficult these disputes are for parents in Pennsylvania. Regardless of how hard a custody dispute is to work through, approaching the situation correctly is paramount, especially when it comes to a child’s best interests. 

For some parents, dealing with a custody dispute is particularly hard due to other challenges in life. For example, problems at work, financial issues and even other divorce-related concerns such as property division all get in the way of custody cases in some instances. However, parents need to make their custody rights and their child’s happiness a top priority during their divorce and any custody concerns that arise following a divorce require careful consideration as well. 

Managing a dispute over custody seems stressful for many parents, but approaching a dispute with the right attitude makes a significant difference. Reviewing the different legal options that are on the table and taking steps to present one’s case properly often improves a parent’s chances of finding an outcome that they are happy with. If you have uncertainty over how the court will decide to award custody of your child, you can address these worries by going over the details of the dispute carefully. Visit our family law page for more related to custody disputes.