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False domestic violence allegations during divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | family law

For a lot of people in Pennsylvania, dealing with the end of a marriage is very challenging. Skala Miller, PLLC knows how emotionally draining the divorce process is, especially if someone has a lot at stake in terms of their finances or questions related to their children come up (such as how the court will assign custody or the amount of child support a parent will pay or receive). Sometimes, the divorce process is even tougher because of a former spouse’s decision to accuse their ex of wrongdoing, such as falsely claiming that someone in the family was subjected to domestic violence. 

If you are facing false domestic violence allegations, you likely have a lot of questions and feel extremely stressed. This is understandable, especially since many aspects of your life will suffer if you are convicted. Your career, your relationship with your kids (if you are a parent) and even your reputation are likely all at stake in such a case. Even though these claims can make people feel like crawling into a hole, it is imperative for those facing false accusations of domestic violence to firmly stand up for their rights and bring the truth out in court. 

Former partners decide to accuse their ex of abuse for many reasons, and domestic violence cases involve various details. Sometimes, the claims involve physical abuse, while others include financial or sexual abuse (or a combination of different forms of abuse). Make sure that you know your legal options and do not hesitate to learn more about how to address these charges. We discuss more related to the end of marriage on our blog, so take a look at other pages on our site.