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Mother arrested in Albany Township hanging deaths

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2019 | criminal law

When crimes occur in Greensburg (especially tragic crimes), it may be easy for many to rush to judgment against the people accused of them. Oftentimes, however, the unique circumstances of an offense should instead prompt questions as to what might have possessed the alleged perpetrator to have done what they did (if it is determined that they did indeed do what they are accused of). In some cases, their actions could potentially represent a cry for help more than they do any sort of malicious intent.

News of a recent tragedy in Albany Township rocked not only those locally but people around the globe. Two young children (an eight-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister) were found hanging in the basement of their home. Compounding the sad events even further was the subsequent news that their mother had been arrested for their murder (despite her claims that the boy had been suicidal due to having been bullied). She allegedly became the target of suspicion after law enforcement officials found inconsistencies in her story; the young boy’s teachers and other school officials also claimed that there was no way the boy would have killed himself.

Friends of the mother, in this case, shared that she had expressed depressive feelings (although the cause of her depression was not specified). One might reasonably assume that for a mother to harm her children, some deep-seated emotional issues might be at play. While certainly not an excuse for any alleged criminal behavior, those dealing with such issues may need help in facing them. That help may be available as part of any punitive action one might face for crimes committed. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be a valuable resource in helping to secure it.