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Parents initiate civil litigation after son breaks leg

by | Dec 17, 2018 | civil litigation

Business owners in Pennsylvania and elsewhere have an obligation to take every reasonable step to protect customers and visitors to their premises. This may be especially true when children are the primary client since they are not always able to recognize when they may be in danger. When a facility that caters to children fails to maintain the highest standards of safety, there is a risk that children will suffer injuries leading to civil litigation.

In another state, parents took their children to a trampoline park to celebrate their son’s 13th birthday. At one point in the celebration, the teen was climbing the rock wall feature when he jumped from the wall to the pit below. The pit was filled with foam blocks, and – by industry standards – should have had a trampoline beneath the blocks. However, there was no trampoline to catch the boy when he jumped.

He dropped through the foam blocks and hit the floor beneath, snapping two bones in his right leg. The child’s parents recently filed a lawsuit against the trampoline park, citing their shallow, poorly designed foam pit as the cause of their son’s injury. They are seeking $1 million in damages.

Personal injury claims are challenging and require the plaintiff to prove negligence as well as injury. It may be necessary to collect evidence and perhaps engage experts to testify. Pennsylvania residents who are undertaking such a challenge can seek the guidance and support of a skilled attorney who has access to many resources at hand and experience in successful civil litigation.