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Marijuana possession charges in Pennsylvania

by | Nov 8, 2018 | criminal law

States very greatly in how severely they treat marijuana possession in their laws. How about Pennsylvania? What type of offense is marijuana possession under state law?

Here in Pennsylvania, recreational marijuana possession remains illegal. However, such possession is typically a misdemeanor, not a felony. It is important to remember though that just because a person isn’t facing felony charges in relation to pot possession allegations doesn’t mean that such allegations can’t have major ramifications on a person’s life. 

Misdemeanor charges still carry impactful potential penalties. For one, a conviction on a misdemeanor charge for marijuana possession can lead to a person facing fines and jail time. It can also expose a person to other consequences, such as those coming from having a drug crime on one’s record.

What penalties a person could face for a marijuana conviction depends on the circumstances. For one, how much marijuana a person is convicted of possessing has an impact on this front.

Under state law, the maximum fine for a first offense of marijuana possession is $500 if the amount possessed was under 30 grams. The maximum prison sentence for this level of possession is 30 days.

Meanwhile, if the amount was greater than 30 grams, the maximum fine jumps to $5000 and the maximum prison sentence jumps to one year for a first offense.

Also, having past marijuana offenses on one’s records could lead to upped penalties.

Skilled Pennsylvania drug defense attorneys can give people accused of marijuana possession in the state guidance on what ramifications the charges brought against them could have and what can be done to prevent or minimize these ramifications.