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Family law decisions make holidays difficult for some

by | Nov 18, 2018 | family law

Perhaps one of the most upsetting realizations newly divorced parents have is understanding they will be spending at least part of their holidays without their children. This may be a most painful separation, such as not having them at the table on Thanksgiving Day or waking up in an empty house on Christmas morning. Whether the decision was negotiated by the parents or handed down by a family law judge, it may be a difficult though not impossible adjustment to make.

Facing the holidays after a divorce, even when several years have passed, may be difficult for many Pennsylvania parents. It is understandable to grieve the separation from one’s children or losing favorite traditions. It may help to know there are other parents going through the same thing, and seeking them out may give one something to look forward to on the hardest days.

While it may not replace the joy of spending the time with one’s children, newly single parents may gain a fresh perspective by sharing some part of the holidays with divorced parents who have more experience with these issues. A parent who is feeling lonely may be tempted to grieve in private, but overindulging in this may not be healthy. There may even be meetup groups in different parts of Pennsylvania where a parent can find companionship and some helpful advice.

Finding advice in the years following a divorce is often a wise move, especially regarding child custody and other family law matters. Parents who feel frustrated because their co-parents refuse to comply with custody orders may have a difficult holiday ahead. It may be a good idea to contact an attorney for advice well in advance of the holidays to avoid adding more stress to an already challenging time.