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Excessively high BAC levels lead to serious drunk driving charges

by | Aug 14, 2018 | drunk driving

A man driving through Lower Saucon Township is facing serious criminal charges after a recent DUI arrest. According to Pennsylvania law enforcement, the driver had an excessively high blood alcohol content of .25 percent at the time of his arrest. This is more than three times the legal limit, and he was stopped by law enforcement for suspected drunk driving after allegedly running a red light.

The police report on the arrest states that the man was not able to successfully complete field sobriety tests administered at the scene of the traffic stop. After that, he was taken into police custody, but it is not clear at what point the BAC test was administered. The man pleaded guilty to both DUI — Highest Rate of Alcohol, which is a DUI for a BAC of .16 percent or higher, as well as DUI while driving with a suspended Pennsylvania license.

The man has previous drunk driving offenses on his record, and he is now facing time behind bars, expensive fines and other penalties. His case illustrates the importance of presenting a strong defense when facing serious DUI-related charges. Each person has the right to a defense and the pursuit of a beneficial outcome regardless of his or her criminal record.

If you are facing charges related to drunk driving, it can be helpful to seek an evaluation of your case and understanding of your legal options before you plead guilty or make any important decisions about your future. With help, it may be possible to mitigate the penalties you are facing and plead to lesser charges. In some cases, it may be possible to challenge the entire case against you, such as challenging the legality of the initial traffic stop.