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Police say drunk driving led to unborn baby's death last year

Pennsylvania State Police troopers end up investigating all kinds of accidents. One of the first considerations of many law enforcement officers, including troopers, is whether one of the drivers involved was impaired at the time. Confirming that suspicion requires a significant amount of time, so charges may not come for weeks or months after the incident occurs, but that does not mean that someone suspected of drunk driving involving an accident should wait for an arrest warrant to begin planning a defense.

Excessively high BAC levels lead to serious drunk driving charges

A man driving through Lower Saucon Township is facing serious criminal charges after a recent DUI arrest. According to Pennsylvania law enforcement, the driver had an excessively high blood alcohol content of .25 percent at the time of his arrest. This is more than three times the legal limit, and he was stopped by law enforcement for suspected drunk driving after allegedly running a red light.

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