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Football player charged with drunk driving

by | Jul 5, 2018 | drunk driving

A freshman from a neighboring state has been charged with driving under the influence while visiting Neshannock Township, according to local sources. Pennsylvania authorities arrested the 18-year-old man under suspicion of drunk driving. If he is found guilty, the young football player could see his position on his team, as well as his enrollment in his university, both placed at risk.

According to the incident report, on June 16, the 18-year-old was driving in Lawrence County when he was pulled over. Police did not explicitly say why he was pulled over in their report. However, among the charges filed against him, he is accused of careless driving and disregarding traffic lanes, both of which could have prompted officers to pull him over.

Police also said his blood alcohol content was measured between .10 and .16, twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania. However, police did not mention when the man’s blood was tested, nor did they mention whether this was done roadside or at a later time. The man now faces charges of purchase of alcohol by a minor, DUI and driving with no rear lights, in addition to the charges mentioned above.

The seriousness of the charges filed against this young man could put a considerable damper on his future. Drunk driving charges, even if they do not result in a conviction, can damage his reputation and endanger his future career. This is why he will be represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney when he attends his preliminary hearing on July 5 and throughout the trial process.