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Criminal defense can challenge strong evidence

by | Jul 28, 2018 | criminal defense

When Pennsylvania residents face criminal charges, their freedom and future may be on the line. Evidence can accumulate quickly, and it may seem as if there is no chance of refuting the charges. Having the skills of a criminal defense attorney can be critical to protecting one’s rights during all phases of the investigation and prosecution.

One man is facing numerous charges following a low-speed police pursuit. Officers claim they attempted to stop the man for a traffic violation, but the driver did not stop. Instead, police followed him onto a state highway where they allege that he began throwing items from the vehicle. When the chase concluded with the arrest of the driver, police reportedly recovered 150 bags of heroin, which they claim the man had thrown out the window of his car.

The following day, a resident called police about a suspicious bag in the same area where the chase had occurred. Officers responded and reported to have found a fanny pack with another 1,500 bags of heroin. Apparently, the pack also contained the driver’s bank card and his driver’s license. Police claim their dash cam shows that the man also threw a gun into the river, but no gun has been recovered.

The man faces charges related to possession and trafficking as well as fleeing and eluding. He may face weapons charges if Pennsylvania investigators recover a gun from the river. Police witness, dash cam footage and identification cards found with the contraband may complicate this man’s situation. However, for those who face charges of this nature, a strong criminal defense may bring about the most positive resolution possible.