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Pennsylvania resident facing drunk driving charges after crash

by | Mar 1, 2018 | drunk driving

Pennsylvania takes drunk driving very seriously. Individuals charged with drunk driving could potentially experience significant fines and other penalties should a conviction be secured. After a recent accident, one local woman is now facing some hefty drunk driving charges and possibly jail time should the court rule against her.

On a recent Monday night, police reported that the suspect was allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed before striking several parked vehicles, along with a brick stairway, traffic signal post and a retaining wall. Police charged the individual with DUI and hit-and-run since one of the parked vehicles was occupied at the time of the accident. Police also reported the defendant’s blood alcohol content to be .21 percent, over half the legal limit.

In many cases involving drunk driving charges, a juror will ultimately decide the defendant’s guilt or innocence. Drunk driving charges can be a traumatic experience, and facing the court can be scary. Whether someone believes they are sober enough to drive, the charging officer made a mistake or the field sobriety test was inaccurate, the prosecution has the burden of proof, and the defendant is innocent unless and until that happens.

Fighting against a drunk driving charge can be frustrating and emotionally draining, especially if wrongfully accused. With the help of experienced legal counsel, Pennsylvania residents, or anyone arrested and charged within the state, may be able to have their cases dismissed or have their sentences possibly reduced. In any event, Pennsylvania residents in similar situations are urged to understand their rights and the appropriate actions to take in order to protect them.

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