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March 2018 Archives

Can your smartphone prevent DUI charges?

You leave the bar Friday evening after a few drinks with friends. As you slide the key into your car’s ignition you think “I wonder if I’m legally able to drive.” This is a common predicament for many Pennsylvania residents.

State officials back criminal defense reforms to lower recidivism

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently announced that he favors broad reform of the criminal justice system in the state. He claims that the system is broken and needs to be fixed, adding that his administration has promoted programs that would divert individuals from incarceration and that favor rehabilitation. Criminal defense attorneys will likely welcome the Governor's embrace of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative II reforms, which recommend legislative reforms in all major phases of a criminal case.

Criminal defense counsel ponders 'hungry for meatballs' defense

Criminal behavior in Pennsylvania runs the gamut of human experience. Sometimes, an arrest cannot be explained because there are no apparent motives. In other situations, the motive is clearly greed and the obtaining of services or property of another for financial gain. How is the law to be enforced, however, and is there a criminal defense to be recognized, when the motive for the crime is one's need to eat food.

Pennsylvania resident facing drunk driving charges after crash

Pennsylvania takes drunk driving very seriously. Individuals charged with drunk driving could potentially experience significant fines and other penalties should a conviction be secured. After a recent accident, one local woman is now facing some hefty drunk driving charges and possibly jail time should the court rule against her.

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