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3 men face drug charges in Pennsylvania

by | Dec 21, 2017 | drug charges

Three men have been arrested for committing drug crimes in Pennsylvania. Their arrests on drug charges took place on a recent Tuesday. Police said they seized five pounds of what they suspected was methamphetamine in connection with the arrests.

Local, federal and county investigators all played a role in seizing the suspected methamphetamine. This drug’s street value was over $225,000. In addition, the quantity of the drug was enough for a whopping 10,000 doses for individuals.

One man facing drug charges is 26 years old, whereas the other two are 30. All three have been charged with the felony crime of possessing a drug and intending to deliver it, as well as with conspiracy. They remained in prison rather than paying a tenth of their $950,000 bail. Several police departments and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration investigated this case.

The men may choose to go to trial to defend themselves against the serious drug charges in Pennsylvania. At trial, the prosecution has to prove each element of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt before criminal convictions can be secured. However, based on the weight of the evidence that the prosecution plans to furnish to support the allegations, the defendants may consider it wiser to seek to negotiate plea agreements with the prosecution instead. After all, a plea deal may result in lighter charges and thus a lighter sentence than what may be rendered following a finding of guilt at trial. An attorney will pursue the most personally favorable option for the client depending on the particular circumstances surrounding his or her case.

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