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NFL player faces drug charges

by | Oct 10, 2017 | drug charges

A professional football player was recently accused of possessing drugs in Pennsylvania. The NFL wide receiver now faces drug charges in connection with a motor vehicle collision that occurred a few months ago. Tyler Boyd, who plays for the Bengals, will have a court appearance in mid-November.

Police said they discovered a car that had collided with a guardrail but was unoccupied. After searching the car, police reportedly found four bottles containing alcohol, with one of them being open. They also allegedly discovered vape pens filled with what they later determined to be THC, which is a chemical compound found in cannabis.

Authorities said they later learned that the automobile was registered to Boyd. When police attempted to locate him at his home, however, they could not find him. According to law enforcement, he later tried to retrieve his car but was told to talk to police first. He told police that he had not been in the vehicle when the crash happened; instead, someone else who was supposed to pick him up crashed the car before reaching him. Purportedly, the football player then admitted that one of the two pens belonged to him.

Facing drug charges can understandably be scary, as they can have long-ranging repercussions. However, just because someone faces these criminal charges does not mean he or she is truly guilty. The prosecution has to prove the charges in court and beyond a reasonable doubt or else no conviction can happen. An attorney in Pennsylvania can strive to help a defendant to achieve the most favorable outcome possible considering his or her situation.

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