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4 facing drug charges in Pennsylvania

by | Aug 30, 2017 | drug charges

Four residents of Pennsylvania were recently indicted on charges of failing to comply with narcotics laws at the federal level. The indictment on drug charges came from a federal grand jury. Those facing charges range in age from 22 to 38.

According to the indictment, three of the Pennsylvania residents took part in a conspiracy to possess drugs with the intent of distributing them, as well as actually distributing them. The drug they reportedly distributed was fentanyl (10 grams). The incident allegedly took place in early August.

Multiple law enforcement agencies carried out a federal search warrant at the time. While authorities were executing the search warrant in a home, a table near the residents was overturned, which caused the drug to fly into the air. In addition, in the kitchen area, a plate allegedly contained large amounts of white powder, and police also found stamp bags.

In this case, according to the law, a maximum sentence permissible is between five years and 40 years behind prison bars as well as a $5 million fine for both crimes. However, just because someone in Pennsylvania faces drug charges does not mean he or she is immediately considered guilty. A qualified attorney can scrutinize the evidence that prosecutors plan to furnish to support the drug charges. This may enable the attorney to find holes in the prosecution’s case, which may increase the defendant’s chances of attaining the most personally favorable outcome considering the circumstances surrounding the case. The attorney will also strive to make sure that the client’s rights are protected at each stage of the criminal proceedings.

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