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Bankruptcy Protection When You Need It Most

Many times, often through no fault of our own, there never seems to be enough money. Bills can pile up and, pretty soon, it can seem like every phone call is from a debt collector. The policy of our bankruptcy system is to help those caught in these bad situations get a “fresh start.”

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Which Type Should You Choose?

The two most common forms of bankruptcy are found in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to give you the fastest possible results. In Chapter 7 cases, your nonexempt assets are sold, and your creditors are paid off with the money brought in, usually for pennies on the dollar. In most cases, the creditors must accept these results and must discontinue contacting you. The result? You move on with your life.

Some individuals do not qualify or may not like the requirements for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, commonly called a “wage earner plan,” is the alternative. Chapter 13 bankruptcies last three or five years, but are designed to allow you to keep property that would otherwise be sold off in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, while paying off your debts using existing income in payment installments calculated for the approved period of time.

Ultimately, you want to choose a plan that fits with your needs and desires. The system isn’t perfect, but an attorney knowledgeable in bankruptcy can help you understand the benefits and pitfalls of each plan and assist you in qualifying for the relief that a successfully completed bankruptcy can bring.

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