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At the Greensburg firm of Skala | Miller, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, we know that sometimes the greatest peace of mind comes in knowing what will happen to our loved ones when we're gone. Other times, we might say, "It's my money and I'm gonna have some fun before I go!"

Skala | MillerDoes your daughter get the house and your son get the insurance? Do you want to leave something behind for the grandkids, nieces, nephews, good friends, or favorite charity or church? Are you worried about how your assets will be divided and the possible tax issues?

Some estates questions can be answered in a reasonable time and remedied for a reasonable fee. The benefit to you and your loved ones could be worth tens of thousands of dollars (or more). Let us help you plan a better tomorrow, today.

Skala | MillerCommon questions indicating you should call an attorney:

  1. Who gets what and how do I know they will get it?
  2. Do I want to leave something for someone other than my children?
  3. Should I be worried about how someone will handle or spend what I've left them?
  4. What happens if I become incapacitated? Who will care for me? Do they know what I want?
  5. Am I getting too old to handle certain things on my own?
  6. Should I transfer property before or after I'm gone? Should I sell my home to family for $1?
  7. What are my options to have more money while I'm still alive?
  8. What if I just write all this down myself? Will a court honor what I have written?

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